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BnD offers Technical Writing , Desktop publishing and customized PowerPoint Presentations. If you are in need of a product catalog, manual or any type of publication contact us for a free consultation. I'm sure we can help.

Technical Writing, Editing & Desktop Publishing

StartPac Catalog

Product Catalog for Rotorcraft Enterprises

Rotorcraft manufacturers for the aviation industry. Start Pac, both portable battery packs and ground power units to start turbine and piston aircraft engines. Layout design, graphics and photo editing all came together in time for their show in Europe. Delivered to the client in PDF format on CD. Contains photos and specifications of their complete product line.

To visit their website, click on the picture.

PowerPoint Presentation for A Life Without Limits

This 22 slide presentation was completely made from scratch including the template.

Windows Basics Manual

Manual - Windows Basics - Tasks and Tools

The manual was written for classes BnD hosted. The Manual was written for beginners. The Table on Contents is shown here, to view the complete manual click on the picture.

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