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Network Design & Installation

Networking is our name and what we do best; below are some of our customers whom we have installed a Wireless Network solution. Contact us for a free consultation. I'm sure we can help.





Los Viajeros Inn

BnD setup wireless internet hotspot for the entire complex.

To visit their website, click on the picture.

Brooks Air Conditioning

This Customer wanted to use his Internet connection at multiple sites. The distance between the two sties was about a 1/2 mile. BnD was able to set him up with 2 unidirectional antennae to wirelessly connect both sites.

WestHaven Apartment Complex

Setup wireless internet hotspot for all residents of the apartment complex.

  Loose Hores RV Park

Loose Horse RV Park

Setup free WiFi hotspot for RV park residents. Dec. 2015

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