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Welcome to the Documentation section of BnD's Support area. The information is provided courtesy of BnD; we make no guarantees for other contributors. Our goal is to help users enjoy their computing experience. Below you will find some information that some people have requested and some we thought you might find helpful.  If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, contact us or go to our FAQ page and submit a question.


Maximize Windows XP's Performance
Registry Hacks to Speed up Windows XP
Disabling the Windows XP Firewall Nag
Invalid Boot.ini after upgrade to Windows XP
Create a DOS boot disk for Windows
How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade on Windows Server 2003
Image does not appear in thumbnail view
XP's low-level Recovery Console
Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator error
Windows Basics - Tasks & Tools
Boot.ini switch Options modify the way XP and Server 2003 Start
Windows XP services that can be disabled
Options to change wallpaper may be missing or unavailable
Services MMC Extended View is Blank in Windows XP
Restoring a computer after formatting or replacing the hard disk


10 things you should do to secure every general-purpose operating system
Encrypt or decrypt a folder or file in XP
Encrypt or decrypt a folder or file in Vista
SSL Certificates and SuperCerts
Create Strong Passwords


Network Port Assignments and definitions
CAT 5 Patch/Crossover Cable Creation Guide
Internet Connection Sharing Basics
Troubleshooting with IPCONFIGed up Windows XP


Error Messages:

Windows could not start because of a disk hardware Configuration problem
BIOS Error Beep Codes
Windows XP Stop Error Messages

Hardware/Software Info:

Hard Drive Failure Troubleshooting Checklist
The Ultimate Memory Guide


General Info:

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows
How to find the MAC Address

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